How to Grow
The Venus Flytrap

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Where can I get a Venus Flytrap?

Common ("typical") Venus Flytraps are often available locally in large home and garden stores, and occasionally in some nurseries. In addition, many special Venus Flytrap clones are available from growers who sell on the Internet.

The author of this Venus Flytrap care guide sometimes sells Venus Flytraps at Ebay (user flytrapranch) or at A search for "venus flytrap" or "venus fly trap" at any popular search engine such as or Google will yield many informational results and perhaps at least a dozen or more places to buy Venus Flytraps. One can also ask about places to buy Venus Flytraps, and learn about the reputation, quality and specialties of the seller, at any Internet forum dedicated to carnivorous plants.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with how to care for a Venus Flytrap before you buy one. Their requirements are few but strict; if those requirements are satisfied, and with a slightly "green thumb," Venus Flytraps will grow like weeds.

Stephen Doonan,